Apr 2018

Oxbridge Singing School – Apr 2018

Tuesday Apr 17th - Friday Apr 20th

For those singers who enjoy choral music, but are too young to participate in the PCI Summer School, the Perth Choral Institute is proud to partner with The Oxford & Cambridge Singing School.

A non-residential course that takes place in St George’s College over the Easter Holidays, the Oxbridge Singing School is for children aged 7-14. No previous choral experience is required, as all standards of singing will be taken into account. As well as developing singing technique and performing as an ensemble, participants will learn both music history and theory. A number of performances will be presented throughout the duration of the course.

The Singing School promotes exceptional choral education and appreciation of classical music, delivered by international experts. The course will be directed by Dr. Edward Wickham, who is also the founder of The Oxbridge Singing School.

Dr Wickham, who is the Director of Music at St Catharine’s College Cambridge will also be joined by Anna Lapwood, the Director of Music at Pembroke College Cambridge. Both of these fantastic musicians are experts in both choral music and children’s singing.

The broad range of musical skills that will be learnt throughout the course will be the ideal preparation for the PCI Summer School, which can be attended by students who are 15 and older. Those who wish for more regular ensemble singing will be introduced to various WA choirs that could stimulate further development.

For more information and to apply for this course, please do so on the Oxbridge Singing School Website here.